Tesla Body Shops

Tesla Body Shops

Tesla may be in the news often these days, but most of the events have slanted toward the negative side of late. Whether it’s Elon Musk speaking out of turn or the company’s failure to deliver their Model 3 cars to customers on time, it has been a whirlwind of a year for the electric car manufacturer.

This post, and it’s associated topic, just might change that outlook.

What did Tesla do this time?

We’ve written about the details surrounding repairing a Tesla vehicle. For a mechanic, it’s a completely different animal. Additional schooling to be able to understand the vehicles is strongly encouraged.

Whether it’s because of this fact or for monetary reasons, Tesla has began opening their own in-house body shops across the country. Think about their supercharger stations or retail locations, and now add to it repair garages with their logo on them.

This is unprecedented in the automotive world. That’s what makes it so newsworthy.

The Newsworthy Good News

A Reddit user posted the following after getting his Tesla repaired at a Tesla repair shop last week:

Tesla opened their new in-house body shop in Atlanta last week. My Tesla was in and out same day with amazing service. They are on the right track.

TL;DR : Early indications are Tesla is crushing it with customer service and quality at their new in-house body shops.

Say what you will about first pass quality and resolving manufacturing issues at the delivery center. All manufacturers have issues that make it to the lot. That’s not the point of this post.

This post is about the fact that Tesla is opening their own body shops that can do work that previously would have been referred to outside service companies.

Today my Model 3 was courteously picked up, repaired, and delivered back to me completely fixed within 9 hours.


The Atlanta body shop is headed by an experienced, dedicated Tesla manager who cares deeply about the mission, the customers and the cars. He takes pride in what Tesla represents, and strives to provide excellent service.

In my case, I noted a panel alignment issue at delivery and contacted service to schedule getting it fixed. The service manager told me if I could wait a few weeks, I could have the work done by a new Tesla body shop rather than have them send it out to an “authorized” shop.

I agreed.

He proactively followed up with me once the shop opened for business and worked to get my car scheduled. Tesla remembered. Tesla communicated.

He showed up at my work this morning with a loaner, had me sign a couple of forms and left with my car.

He texted me when my car arrived at their shop. He texted me to let me know they corrected my reported issue. He texted to let me know they noticed my Frunk latch was out of spec and asked my permission to fix it. And then he texted to let me know my car was ready and met me with it (washed and vacuumed.) A few minutes later, I was back behind the wheel of my fully sorted Model 3.

Tesla spent a fraction of what it would have cost to coordinate and hire a 3rd party body shop and a rental loaner – and the car was fixed by a knowledgeable Tesla employee who cares about their mission and their customers.

I’m impressed.

Do I wish the car was delivered in perfect condition? Of course! Does it mean something to me that Tesla stood behind their product and found an innovative way to give me great customer service when they missed the mark?

It’s everything.

Update: thanks u/kengchang for adding this link with additional info from Tesla below: Tesla Body Shop Support

The original Reddit post can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/9etgfz/tesla_opened_their_new_inhouse_body_shop_in/

Will they keep it up?

I see a company like Tesla continuing to do a stellar job leveraging technology and customer service to maintain an exceptional repair operation. In doing so, Tesla will capture more revenue and create many additional revenue streams that simultaneously thwart away third party services.

After all, who would open up an electric vehicle repair shop next to a Tesla body shop?

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