Patriot Day

Patriot Day

I remember exactly where I was on September 11th, 2001. I was 17 years old, a junior in high school, and in my Psychology class. The echoes of what was happening only began to get serious in between classes. There was a panic in the hallways. I don’t think anyone understood the severity of the event.

By lunchtime, everyone was talking about it. As high school students without today’s immediate access to real-time news, we speculated and assumed. But by that point, more than anything, we panicked and prayed. We finally began to understand why this would be an event we’d remember for the rest of our lives.

What we’ve done as a country since that day seventeen years ago is a testament to who we are. We’ve rebuilt, we’ve paid tribute, and we use the day to remember the lives we lost and celebrate the strength of our future.

Where were you on 9/11? How did the event impact you? How did it make you stronger? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments.


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