Toyota Prius Recall

Toyota Prius Recall

There was yet another recall that made headlines this week. This time, it’s Toyota’s Prius vehicles.

As of this week, Toyota has issued a recall for more than a million Prius and C-HR crossover vehicles. The reason for the recall has been cited as “risk of fire.”

Of the million+ vehicles involved, over half will be called back in Japan and 192,000 in the U.S. according to Jean-Yves Jault, a company spokesman. Apparently, the incident that spawned the concern was a reported case of a Prius emitting smoke randomly. Fortunately, there were no injuries attached to the claim.

Geeking Out Over What Went Wrong

According to the reports, it looks as if an engine wire is to blame here. There is a wire harness that is connected to the power control that could potentially short circuit if worn down enough. The recall plans for an update made to the engine wire harness that will put this concern to rest.

This recall is among some of the largest for Toyota. If you remember, there was an airbag issue that was reported in 2009’s acceleration crisis. Then in 2016, they recalled 2.87 million cars (which included the Prius) for leaky fuel tanks. Finally, another 1.43 million Prius vehicles were recalled last year over non-Takata air bags.

Is Toyota’s forward thinking car becoming Prius-storic? Muhahahaha.

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