GM To Launch Peer Cars

GM To Launch Peer Cars

General Motors is launching a new service in three nearby markets. Those markets are Chicago, Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The core service, which is called Maven, will let owners rent out their personal GM vehicles through the new car sharing platform.

Similar to Turo and Getaround, the peer-to-peer rental service isn’t a new model, but it is quite a departure for GM.

Maven first launched in January of 2016, but has since experienced some hiccups along the way. This three-city rollout will allow GM to really put the rubber to the road and test the concept in a few solid markets.

GM’s mobility division does have other experience in car sharing too. Not only do they own a fleet of vehicles that are tied to an app that lets users summon cars for short periods of time (similar to Zipcar), but they also launched Maven Reserve in 2017 in California. That also spawned Maven Gig, which is essentially a clone of UberEats, which allows drivers to perform deliveries or tasks for customers.

All of the above were always exclusive to GM-branded cars. The rumor is that the new Maven will expand to allow for other types of vehicles, but limitations are expected to apply.

The even newer service, which is called Peer Cars, will be accessible to Maven users. Peer Cars is just a test product for Maven. At least for now. However, the company said it may launch in even more U.S. cities this fall.

Maven currently has over 150,000 users registered.

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