Nissan Admits To Falsifying Data

Nissan Admits To Falsifying Data

In the latest emission debacle, Nissan is in the hot seat for dishonest emission test reports. These tests were held at the company’s Japanese factories.

This news comes in the form of an admission from Nissan. They claim that the inspection reports had been “based on altered measurement values.” There is now a comprehensive investigation underway regarding this matter.

This announcement resulted in a bit of a public outcry and disappointment. Nissan’s stock price fell and many car owners are now questioning the carmaker’s trustworthiness.

Emission of Defeat

If you recall, VW was caught cheating the process by manipulating the software that ran the tests. This case is obviously much different since Nissan is the one raising their hand for the mistake.

Whether this is a case of Nissan’s leadership taking an opportunity to reset bad procedures or simply becoming too nervous to get caught, only time will tell the impact this will have on their reputation.

Investigating Further

Last year, Nissan recalled 1.2 million vehicles in Japan. This was due to the vehicles “not meeting domestic requirements.”

Needless to say, Nissan will be under all sorts of microscopes in the coming months.

If regulators end up finding something even more alarming, I don’t think I’d be too shocked.

We wish you luck, Nissan.

Last month, VW was fined €1bn (£880m) by German prosecutors for selling more than 10 million cars between mid-2007 and 2015 that had test-cheating software installed.

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