The 10 Most American Cars of 2018

The 10 Most American Cars of 2018

Nothing says America like fireworks and muscle cars. That’s why we wanted to celebrate this 4th of July by counting down our favorite American-made cars.

While there are many ways to determine a car’s “American-ness,” this specific list measures the cars that feature the most American parts and are manufactured by the highest number of American workers.

Therefore, our list also includes the city of origin where the engines and transmissions were placed in the vehicle.

1. Jeep Cherokee

Made in Belvidere, Illinois

It doesn’t get much more American than good ‘ol JEEP.

2. Honda Odyssey

Made in Lincoln, Alabama

For parents across the states, it doesn’t get much better than the Odyssey.

3. Honda Ridgeline

Made in Lincoln, Alabama

Want to speed down a dirt road? The Ridgeline packs quite an American punch.

4. Ford Taurus

Made in Chicago, Illinois

What started out as a dad’s car many years ago has become a versatile sedan with a lot of great features.

5. Chevrolet Volt

Made in Detroit, MI

Recent reviews has the Volt at a better buy than the Tesla Model 3.

6. Honda Pilot

Made in Lincoln, Alabama

The Pilot offers a lot of functionality for not being either an SUV or a minivan.

7. Acura MDX

Made in East Liberty, Ohio

This SUV is sleek, comfortable, and quite beautiful looking. You can’t go wrong with an MDX.

8. Ford Explorer

Made in Chicago, Illinois

It’s been around for a while now, but it’s still as American as they come.

9. Ford F-150

Made in Claycomo, Missouri and Dearborn, Michigan

Get the barbecue started. Nothing says Fourth of July like an F-150 and some country music.

10. Chevrolet Corvette

Made in Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you’re going to be American, you might as well do it with speed in a Corvette.

Happy 4th!

Congratulations to the Jeep Cherokee for being the most American car this year.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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