Honda’s Asimo Robot is Retiring

Honda’s Asimo Robot is Retiring

Do you remember that guy? That’s Asimo.

Whether he’s familiar or not, he represented, at one point in time, the future of Honda.

Asimo, which is a humanoid robot, is officially being put to rest in this well-known form. His technology, on the other hand, will be re-purposed for more practical uses. After all, why does a car manufacturer need a humanoid robot anyway?

Asimo stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. This was Honda’s mission that began in the 1980s. It wasn’t until early 2000 that Asimo was unveiled to the public.

Believe it or not, Asimo was the first robot to walk on two legs. More specifically, Asimo could also determine distances and the traveling direction of objects. Even though he came before Siri and Alexa, he also could respond to voice commands and human gestures.

Asimo lived a pretty busy life over the years. He not only gained enormous exposure for his aforementioned attributes, but he did a lot of press too. He was interviewed on talk shows, danced with Kelly Ripa, and even played soccer with President Obama.

The Future of Honda Robotics

At CES 2018, Honda announced a quartet of new helper robots that leverage the Asimo technology. These 4 bots’ purposes are as follows:

  1. A companion bot
  2. An autonomous off-road vehicle
  3. A new kind of mobility concept
  4. A second type of experiment in mobility

The result are 4 pretty cute child robots. So, for what it’s worth, Asimo can surely rest in peace knowing what he accomplished and that his life has birthed a more prosperous technological future for Honda.

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