What’s the Worst Car Ever Made?

What’s the Worst Car Ever Made?

We don’t want to be mean, but it sometimes fun to look back and recognize the failures that have paved the way for auto manufacturers everywhere.

While there are a lot of different acceptable answers to this broad question, we wanted to dig up a lesser known one. We’re confident this car will surprise and delight you with its unmistakable inferior features. If we just chose to overview the lousy cars we’re all familiar with in this piece, you’d be bored by the third paragraph.

So here goes nothing… almost literally.

Surprisingly, that picture is not of a toy car for children. It’s the Peugeot VLV.

The VLV just might be the most laughable car to ever have be created. Weighing in at just 365kg with 158 coming from the batteries, it was extraordinarily short (2.67m) and thin (1.12m). In certain circumstances, two passengers could end up weighing more than the car itself.

Do you see the thing the man is pulling away to enter the car in the picture above? That’s the roof.

As you can see, the rear wheels have a reduced space between each other: Just 33cm.

What About Performance?

When considering how it drove, there’s a lot to take note of. For starters, the 48 volts motor produced 1.3 to 3.5hp. That’s not a joke. You could max out at 36 Km/h (less with two passengers), and it had a maximum range of just 80 km.

It wsn’t until 1941, that the vehicle became decent. Back then, it was distributed to doctors, so that they could access patients around town. Nowadays, any version of this car is extremely hard to come by (if at all).

The Truck Version

Here’s the kicker. They didn’t just produce car versions of the worst car ever! That’s right, folks. There’s more!

The first was known as the Autélec, which was a small truck powered by a 48-volts 3.5hp engine.

The small vehicle somehow managed to accommodate a total load of up to 500kg. This is obviously much more than the VLV car, but still not impressive by any measure.

As for design, it was actually decently laid out for a makeshift vehicle and the batteries were pretty easy to access.

How Did the Truck Perform?

You shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the truck handled terribly as well. With just 65km of range, and a maximum speed of 25 Km/h, it barely traveled faster than a horse could.

Although it lacked in performance power, it looked halfway decent. They managed to put bodies on it, which made it somewhat cool to have at the time (just not practical).

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that asking about the worst car in history will lead to a myriad of different responses.But, as aforementioned, this is our more informative take on the subject.

I’m pretty sure you can find more reasonable answers to this question if you dig deep enough into the history of the car.

Please know that it isn’t my goal to mock the work of creators that have come before us. Rather, I wanted to remind ourselves as a society just how far we’ve come. These cars serve as a great talking point for car-driven conversations everywhere.

You’re welcome. Hehe.

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