Volvo Makes a Few Exciting Announcements

Volvo Makes a Few Exciting Announcements

It looks like Volvo is stepping up its technology game.

Starting in the Nordic region first, Volvo vehicles are now able to share traffic information through Volvo’s new “Connected Cloud.”

How does the Connected Cloud work?

Well, let’s assume car #1 runs into a road hazard. Car #1 will then upload that information to the Volvo Connected Cloud in real-time where it will broadcast the information to all Volvo vehicles. Then, a warning will be sent to Car #2 so that it knows to avoid the road hazard ahead.

If you didn’t know, Volvo cars and trucks are independent vehicle manufacturers. Despite this fact, they obviously share much of the same DNA and capabilities. The Connected Cloud will be no exception.

Vehicle to vehicle communication is a market and technology that is growing rapidly. This type of technology aids in creating safer driving outcomes as well as a smarter framework for autonomous vehicles. Will Volvo expand the Connected Cloud to other manufacturers, though? Only time will tell.

In addition to the above news, Volvo has announced that Google Assistant, Google Play Store, and Google Maps will be embedded in their new infotainment systems by default. That’s great news for Volvo drivers (and Google) since the user experience inside of cars has received a great deal of praise lately.

Volvo is undoubtedly making it more attractive to be a Volvo driver. Do these updates entice you to take one for a test drive?

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