Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day!

What do Star Wars and auto parts have in common?

They both require force, of course.

Just think about what might happen when the Deathstar’s engine breaks down in a galaxy far far away. What do they do?

Even by taking a gander at the vehicles flying around, you’ll see how intricate the mechanic work must be.

Look at all those parts. Wow.

For today only (May 4th), we’re excited to announce that we’re stocking up on some of these obscure parts and shipping directly to Alderaan.

Unfortunately, if you live anywhere outside of Kashyyk, you’ll have to ship your parts to Alderaan and pick them up there.

Remember – this is for TODAY ONLY.

In addition, we’re offering $10 off any first-time purchase. Simply use the code “MAYTHE4TH” at checkout.

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