An LKQ Alternative for Used Parts

An LKQ Alternative for Used Parts

The US auto recycling industry is huge, and is made up of over 6,000 licensed dismantlers nationwide. These licensed professionals can be a great source for used parts for the car you’re trying to repair. Whether you got into a fender bender and need some body parts, or you need a replacement alloy wheel, you can usually find used parts for a fraction of the dealer price.

Unlike new dealer parts, used parts can vary tremendously in price. For example, a hood for my 1998 BMW 328i convertible costs about $500 from the dealer while independent dismantlers sell it used for around $150 to $250. LKQ, a huge publicly-traded corporation, has recently bought up dozens of independent dismantlers. A quick search revealed that LKQ is selling the BMW hood for $390 – more than twice as much as some independent shops.

While LKQ offers repair shops the benefit of being a one-stop-shop for used auto parts, independent shops hold a tremendous amount of inventory, and often offer specialized hard-to-find parts that LKQ simply doesn’t have. Ten years ago, it was difficult to determine which independent dismantler had the parts you needed. Today, buyers can use PartsMarket to see pictures and prices of hundreds of thousands of parts. PartsMarket is a one-stop-shop for parts buyers to locate every part they need, and to find the most suitable price, location, and warranty for them.

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