The New 2019 Ford Focus

The New 2019 Ford Focus

Earlier this week, Ford unveiled the next generation of its Ford Focus vehicle. The vehicle is slated to hit the streets sometime in 2019.

According to the release notes, the vehicle will feature the CoPilot 360 system that was recently announced.

What is the CoPilot 360 System?

This new technology is a major technological progression for Ford. The suite of driver assisting applications include automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, and lane assist. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well, it’s all semi-autonomous, which is one-notch lower than Tesla’s AutoPilot, but still impressive nonetheless.

More Technology Please

Other cool tech features in the new Focus is the mobile hotspot that comes with it. A mobile app allows all functions to be performed remotely while also offering wifi to passengers that may be working inside the car.

Aside from that, Ford seems to be sticking with what works. Above all else, this announcement proves to the masses that Ford continues to emphasize their “Focus” on their best-selling sedans.

What do you think of this new Ford Focus?

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