The Cars Mechanics Drive

The Cars Mechanics Drive

I have a lot of friends that are mechanics and/or shop owners. They all seem to have completely different tastes in vehicles.

Kevin, who is one of my dearest friends, owns and drives almost exclusively Chevy Suburbans from one series, 98–2002 or somewhere in there. The Suburban fits his needs. It pulls his boat, travels thousands of miles of high mountain dirt roads in search of fishing holes, hauls motorcycles, etc. Ford and Chevy seem to be his sweet spots. It’s what he knows best. They’re what he is most familiar with. On the other side of it, he’s the type that HATES anything European. He will not work on anything European in his shop. He only takes on American and Asian imports. After all, that’s what he is best at – so it’s what he works on and chooses to drive himself.

My other friend, Garrett, is big into classic cars. He fixes up old trucks as his side projects while he’s not working. Due to his family life, though, he does drive more traditional cars. His first “classic” car wasn’t an old pickup, but rather a VW (1967 VW type III Squareback). He followed that with a long stint of European cars he loved. There was another VW, a Saab, an Audi, a BMW, a Mercedes, and even a Porsche thrown into the mix. For the record, although he loves old trucks, he actually dislikes most American cars. He currently drives a high mileage Mercedes SUV (for the family) and he claims that he loves it.

Overall, mechanics seem to drive 3 different kinds of cars. But it will always depend on each mechanic and his or her own situation.

  1. They buy what they can get a good deal on. Many times they buy cars from customers who are faced with a high dollar repair that they can not afford. The mechanic buys it cheap, fixes it himself, and drives it.
  2. They drive a rig that fits their needs and that they are comfortable with working on.
  3. The ones that are still passionate about cars throw all that into the wind and buy a car that they want and that they enjoy and then just deal with the repairs.

Hopefully the above gives you some insights on your own car decisions in the future. Best of luck finding your next ride!

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