Deal #5: Coil Springs

Deal #5: Coil Springs

On the fifth deal of Christmas, PartsMarket gave to me five coil springs.

Coil springs are just one type of many springs that exist inside of an automobile.

All springs are vital to vehicles because their job is to support heavy weight. They have the ability to expand and contract when an exaggerated movement is necessary. One example is when your car hits a pothole on the road. Another would be how springs must compress when you encounter speed bumps.

A certain kind of spring, called an air spring, can also keep your trunk from lowering too far to the ground. This allows for more mobile steering and overall movement.

One of the reasons “coil springs” are mentioned in our 12 Deals of Christmas is that it’s the most common of all springs on a car. Yes, we also chose it because it sounded good with the melody. 🙂

A coil spring, which can also be referred to as a helical spring, is a torsion spring that stores energy and releases it later when needed. It can also absorb shock and maintain the force between two surfaces that are interacting.

Along with a shock absorber, coil springs come pre-assembled as one coil over unit prior to installation. While the springs compress and stretch to keep you safe as you drive, the shock absorber keeps you from road noise, bumps, and vibrations that you might encounter in the process.

Overall, a coil spring is essential in your vehicle’s suspension because it gives you optimal damping, good handling and braking, and a comfortable ride simultaneously.

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