Deal #3: Front Lamps

Deal #3: Front Lamps

On the third deal of Christmas, PartsMarket gave to me three front lamps.

A front lamp, while it sounds better recognized as such for our holiday song, is more commonly known as a headlight.

A headlight is a light attached to the front of a car to help light the road ahead. It is common for the term headlamp to be used interchangeably in some discussions, but headlight is the most common term to the masses. Headlamp, however, is known as the part, while headlight refers to the beam of light produced and distributed by the part.

Headlamp quality has gradually improved as cars have become more powerful. This evolution, although mostly natural, could be argued to have been spawned by the disparity between daytime and nighttime traffic fatality numbers in the U.S. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recorded that nearly half of all traffic-related fatalities occur in the dark. It’s an intriguing statistic as soon as you understand that only 25% of total traffic throughout the day travels when it’s dark outside.

Other vehicles, such as trains and aircraft, are required by law to have headlamps. Bicycle headlamps are often used on bicycles, and are required in some places. They can be powered by a battery or a small generator mechanically integrated into the workings of the bikes themselves.

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