PartsMarket vs Pick-n-Pull

PartsMarket vs Pick-n-Pull

When I started working on cars over 10 years ago, I would always visit Pick-n-Pull in hopes of finding a great deal on the part that I was looking for. On a lucky day, Pick-n-Pull would have the part, but more often, the part would be damaged or gone by the time I got there. When I was in school, I didn’t mind the 10-mile drive to Pick-n-Pull, the time spent waiting in line for entry, or the expedition to actually find the correct parts.

Now that I work all the time and usually spend my weekends running errands or visiting friends, spending an entire Saturday afternoon at Pick-n-Pull is usually out of the question. Pick-n-Pull rarely has parts for cars less than 10 years old anyway. Even if Pick-n-Pull has the part that I need, the time spent finding and removing it (not to mention gas and entry) eliminates any economic benefit. Since it’s impossible to check the inventory of usable parts on Pick-n-Pull cars, the part you need could be long gone well before you arrive.

When we created PartsMarket, the goal was to create a virtual used parts marketplace where you could browse late-model cars from the comfort of your own home. Once you find your make and model, you could see which parts were available, and compare prices among multiple sellers. If you decided to buy a part, you could contact the seller to arrange payment and shipping. The beauty of is that it eliminates the time and expense of driving to a place like Pick-n-Pull, looking for the right car, and removing the part yourself. A typical PartsMarket user will find the part on his or her computer or smartphone, contact the seller, and have it delivered to a home or shop within a few days.

Are you convinced?

Go ahead and find quality used car parts on PartsMarket.

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