5 Mods That Reduce Your Car’s Value

5 Mods That Reduce Your Car’s Value

Whether you just bought a new car and you want to make it look unique or you’re looking to freshen up an older car, it’s sometimes tempting to make some aftermarket modifications. Aftermarket mods can get very pricey, and sometimes they can actually decrease the resale value of your car. Here are some modifications to avoid if you want your car to retain its resale value.

1. Body Kits

The installation of a body kit involves removing your car’s factory bumpers and installing aftermarket replacements that are designed to make the car look more aggressive. These aftermarket bumpers are painted to match the original color of your car, but it’s usually obvious that they aren’t original equipment. The quality of these kits is typically inferior to factory parts, and most buyers prefer the original look.

2. Noisy Mufflers

Some aftermarket mufflers create noise to make a car sound more powerful during acceleration. While these mufflers are popular among some auto tuners and racing enthusiasts, they can be a turn-off to would-be buyers who prefer a quieter ride.

3. Aftermarket Wheels

Every few years, new fads emerge in the aftermarket wheel market. In the 2000s, we saw the emergence of “spinners,” or wheels that continue to spin after a car has stopped. Recently, we have also seen the emergence of all-black and all-white wheels instead of the customary silver. These trends are typically short-lived and few people today want to buy a car with spinning rims. If you want to upgrade your car’s wheels, look for premium factory replacements.

4. Chrome Accents

After some auto manufacturers began installing chrome vents and air ducts on new car models, similar parts have become available as stick-on accents. Unfortunately, these accents don’t always match the cars they are mounted on, and can damage a car’s paint when they are removed. These small, inexpensive trim pieces can turn out to be serious liabilities when you put your car up for sale.

5. Aftermarket Lights

Aftermarket headlights and taillights are available for almost any car make and model. When they are installed, however, they may fit poorly and they can look cheap compared to the originals. In the long-run, low-quality lights can fade quickly and can allow water to leak into your car’s chassis.

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