Cars for Kids

Cars for Kids

The holiday season is commonly known as the “most wonderful time of the year.” At PartsMarket, we feel the same way, but also recognize that not everyone is as fortunate to experience a holiday season of gifts, good fortune, and quality time with loved ones. That’s something that leaves us wishing we could help.

We soon realized we had a great opportunity to partner with a charitable organization this holiday season. We want to use our success to help as many people as possible. For the holidays, though, we wanted to see how we could help those that cherish gifts the most…. children.

After solidifying what we were able to do, we partnered up with the well-known charitable organization known as Toys for Tots. Together we aspire to donate toy cars to children that need them.

We’re calling it Cars for Kids.

Here’s how Cars for Kids will work from now until December 22nd:

  1. Use code CARSFORKIDS at checkout
  2. You’ll receive $5 off the order
  3. PartsMarket will tally the codes used and will donate one toy car to Toys for Tots for each coupon code redeemed

Note that you can use the code as often as you’d like, but that we do require a minimum purchase of $20 to apply the code.

Our goal is to donate over 1,000 toy cars to kids this holiday season.

Will you help us reach this goal?

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