Veterans in the Automotive Industry

Veterans in the Automotive Industry

Today, our country observes Veteran’s Day. It’s not just a day of no school, no banking, and no mail, though. It’s an important day to acknowledge the brave individuals that keep our country safe and allow all of us to enjoy our freedoms.

While doing research on the history of Veteran’s Day, I almost accidentally stumbled on a resource that referenced the many education programs that the military offers to its retired veterans. These programs help to train and subsequently place these individuals into great jobs spanning a multitude of industries. The one that caught my eye the most was their training programs in the automotive industry.

Automotive Education Programs

When you review the programs that the Military have put in place for Veterans, you’ll find that a myriad of them exist in the automotive industry. The programs all surround the idea of becoming a Mechanic or Automotive Service Technician. There are even several major car manufacturers that sponsor programs that help place ex-military personnel into great employment opportunities with their companies.

If you’re a veteran that has always had an affinity for cars, there may not be a better option for you. With so much demand for automotive technicians, there continues to be a great deal of opportunity throughout the country. Whether it’s a repair shop, a gas station, or a government agency, they’re always hiring great people.

What Does It Take?

All of the programs revolve around a great deal of training and understanding of systems and technology used in the vocation. However, there are no certifications needed for many of the introductory opportunities that exist. Requirements will vary based on location and type of repair pursued. After all, each type of work requires a unique skill set. It’s as if everyone is encouraged to go after whatever interests them most, with the caveat that you must know technology and not be afraid of electrical systems.

How To Get Started

The Military resources recommend that would-be mechanics initiate the process by finding an automotive training program or work-study opportunity by your residence. Many car dealerships and companies offer these types of programs already. On the premises, they will have candidates complete both academic and hands-on auto repair work.

Here are three examples:

There are also undoubtedly classes that are available in your area. Here are some resources to help you locate such training programs:

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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