Auto Mechanics are Mad Scientists

Auto Mechanics are Mad Scientists

Take Halloween for what it is. It’s an opportunity to become something you’re not, scare or confuse others, and eat as many unhealthy treats as humanly possible.

Automotive professionals have a unique perspective on what’s scary, though. Whether it’s receiving a damaged part, dealing with an unreasonable customer, or having a repair job go completely wrong, dressing up in costumes simply can’t compete with the potential horror.

Candy consumption aside, the most joy we get out of Halloween is the realization that auto professionals are mad scientists. Every day, they bring cars back to life – almost akin to creating a beautiful monster like Frankenstein.

Therefore, in a lot of ways, Halloween is observed every day for a mad scientist. Despite this, we still hope you’re able to enjoy the day by dressing up in a costume and taking advantage of our HALLOWEEN50 discount code this week.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the day and stay safe out there.

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