Cars That Last 200,000 Miles

Cars That Last 200,000 Miles

A major aspect of the car buying process is a car’s durability. Although we’re in the business of helping repair cars, it’s never a driver’s desire to have to replace parts. In fact, history has proven that some of the most financially fit individuals in the world reap immense benefits from driving the same car until it can’t go a single mile farther.

To celebrate a sort of throwback to our roots, we unearthed an old article published on Cheap Car Insurance that lists a few extremely durable cars that should possibly be atop that list. If you’re looking for longevity in your future car or are buying a used vehicle, it helps to know ahead of time if the year, make, and model is backed by the data that suggests it will live well beyond its years.

Good luck out there… and enjoy the article.

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Cars That Last 200,000 Miles

Buying a car should never be considered an investment, partly because putting miles on it will only drop its value. 
But with proper maintenance, a good mechanic and less stop-and-go driving, owners can keep their cars running well for years and get the most mileage for their money while delaying buying a new car.

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