Automotive Recycling – Quality Used OEM Auto Parts

Automotive Recycling – Quality Used OEM Auto Parts

The $27 Billion automotive recycling industry is the best source of quality, affordable parts for auto repair. Every year, millions of cars reach their end of life, and their working parts are recycled and reused- in fact, cars are the most recycled product in the world by value.

Automotive Recyclers buy millions of totaled and nonoperational cars every year

When a car is totaled by an insurance company, it breaks down, or if it’s just no longer wanted by its owner, it can go on to live a second life by being recycled for parts. Automotive Recyclers, also known as Professional Dismantlers, Wrecking, Salvage, or Junkyards buy their cars from insurance auctions, charities, and private parties. The cars are cleaned and disassembled, and the usable parts are tested and inventoried for sale. Body parts, such as fenders, doors, and hoods, as well as engines, transmissions, and electronics are valuable, quality parts  for dismantlers.

Some auto recyclers specialize in rare European or Japanese luxury cars. Parts for these cars may be difficult to find or prohibitively expensive new from the dealer. Most dismantlers are independent small businesses that serve their local area.

Used recycled parts provide great value for auto repair

Compared to new OEM parts and aftermarket parts, used recycled parts provide excellent quality and value. They are original, manufacturer parts – so they will have the same quality and fit as a new part, often at a much lower price. Plus, for body parts, it’s possible to find the same exact exterior paint color, so less repair time is required.

For body shops, mechanics, used car dealers, and consumers looking to reduce costs and save time, used parts can be a great choice.

PartMyRide in the Auto Recycling Industry

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